USB Drive Win10 Network Beginner needs your Help

Hi all ,
first the Vero4K+ is phantastic all is running till i expected .
Now i try to get access from Windows10 Explorer over wired Network to my USB Drive that
is connected to the Vero4K+.I want to transfer Files easy over the Network to my USB Drive .

In Windows Explorer (My PC / new Network Conncetion) i write the IP from my Vero
and i get access to the Vero but i can not see my USB Drive .

All i see there are some Folders …i think from the Vero Internal Memory .

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • TV Shows

So please could you help me ? What should i do to see my USB Drive there?

Do you see the USB Drive on the Vero?
Have you installed the Samba Server from App Store (in MyOSMC)?
Please upload logs via MyOSMC -> Log Uploader and share the URL

I see my USB Drive on the Vero …yes…i can start Movies etc…all is fine .
only over the Network i can´t see my USB Drive.
I have the Samba Server intalled from the App Store.

I guess the Samba server stumbles on the space in the drive name.
Change the label of the partition as that is used for auto mount.

JUHU …with a BIG Smile …I thank you !!
Great support .
I am happy :smile:

Make sure that drive is not formatted as exFAT if your going to do this. NTFS or ext4 works fine but the exFAT partition will get corrupted if you transfer large files or delete files from Windows.