USB Hard drive not being recognised

Hello all,

Please be gentle as I’m new to Raspberry Pi and OSMC!

I want to attach my hdd to be used for videos. When I connect my usb hdd, a colour symbol in the top right repetitively loops, my usb hdd led is showing that it has power. OSMC is working fine.

When I go to find /media/ it is empty. No idea what I’m doing wrong.

My usb hdd is powered solely by usb but I have had no problems with it.

Any help please?

The colour symbol = not enough power
That is a warning, it will cause crashes

Optional: powered USB hub, connect the drive to that one

Ok thanks for your help. Would something like this work?

It appears to be a usb hub and comes with a power adapter, so should do the trick.

Alternatively you could get a powered usb hard drive enclosure to put your hard drive in so it’s not trying to draw power from the Pi.