USB hard drive not shown on Samba (Pi3)


I have a Pi3 running OSMC installed via NOOBS to which I have connected a USB hard drive formatted using ext4. I installed the samba server from the app store and can see the osmc user home directory from my computer but I cannot see the USB hard drive.

I cannot find any configuration options for the samba server in the OSMC settings. Any pointers on setting this up?

How have you mounted your USB Drive? Using OSMC automounter? Then it will automatically show up.
If you have still issues provide logs.

Yes it was mounted using the OSMC automounter. I can see it listed in the OSMC file manager, just not in samba from my PC. Where is the log file I should be looking at?

Did you reboot your Pi after installing Samba ? If not, no Samba share for your drive will be made yet.

I had the HDD plugged in, then installed samba from the app store. I checked on the network from my PC, I could see the osmc home directory but no HDD. I then rebooted, and check on the network from my PC again and still no HDD, just the osmc home directory

Please provide a debug log so we can see why it is not working.

Where does the debug log live?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.