USB Install and udb media 2nd drive

Hi I have been running OSMC RC3 on my Pi2 for a few weeks now, and getting buffering issues. I tried a usb install, It ran ok until I connected my media HD (USB) where upon it will not boot now.

I was wary of connecting both USB stick and 2TB Drive when setting up.

Any ideas as to what I van do to get the system to boot and run on usb drive whilst retaining my uSB driver entact?


Swap the USB ports that these devices are connected to.

Is the 2TB drive powered from the Pi, or does it have it’s own power adaptor ?

If it’s powered from the Pi you could try enabling “max_usb_current” in OSMC Settings->Pi Config->GPU Mem & Codec, but this will only work if you have a good power supply for your Pi.

Otherwise it’s recommended to power the external drive separately.

Hi Guys,

well the 2Tb drive is powered via a single usb cable. HAve reverted to the SD card and working fine.

I have though decided to run by Pi A via the usb and that has run well. Improved speed of menus etc. So a result all round.

Thanks for the hints.