USB Storage disk disconnects


I have a 2.5-inch SSD inside a case, connected to one of Vero’s USB ports. I’ve noticed that after some time (it can be 9-10 hours or even 10 days) it disconnects (it says so in dmesg) and any attempt to access it from then on results in an I/O error. The only solution is to power off everything and boot again.

I’m suspecting this happens because of one of the following reasons:

  1. El-cheapo disk case, its controller crashes after some time.
  2. Linux USB autosuspend, does not work well with disk and case controller.
  3. Insufficient power provided from Vero4K.

In order to rule out case 3), I have used a cable such as this as well as a powered USB hub, with more or less the same results (disk disconnects after some time).

How can I debug this? Is there any way I can disable USB autosuspend for my Vero4K? I have seen posts such as this How to disable USB autosuspend on kernel 3.7.10 or above? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange but it doesn’t apply to our Vero since it doesn’t use GRUB (how can I specify kernel parameters??)

Just for the information, the disk is an Intel 440GB SSD which was working perfectly when connected to an internal SATA for months.

Help, it’s driving me a bit mad!


I’m having the same issue with only 1 out of 3 hard drive enclosures connected via powered USB hub.
Always the same one. A reboot of the Vero or the enclosure resolves.
Swapped out cables and ports, same behavior.

Can you post some logs so we can see the disconnects?

Can you confirm that the disk is externally powered?

Confirmed, they are all the same model: Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2
I will try again to post logs but am not overly comfortable sharing all of that info publicly.

Confidential data is usually stripped out.
You can always PM me the log personally.


I have swapped the enclosure case for the disk and I’m trying again. This time, the case is also externally powered.

So far no disconnects, but it’s a bit early to tell.

When it disconnects, I will post the dmesg.

I have this issue as well, but only when the disk spins up after it went idle. Sometimes it resumes fine, sometimes it disconnects and I also have to power recycle it.

But the disk is old and suffered a couple of outages, one of them also caused disk errors and partial data loss, so I’m just waiting for it to die so I can replace it.

This happens for an SSD in my case. A spinning HDD I have also attached does spin down and resume normally without any issues (at least not for the last 7 days…)

Coincidentally, the SSD with external power hasn’t disconnected as yet (7 days)…

I’ll report any findings…