Usb thumb drive, newb question

i’ve searched and searched and i can’t find an answer that is newbie friendly. i got a raspberry pi, installed osmc, reformatted my thumb drive to fat and put a ton of files on it. now how the hell do i get osmc to recognize the thumb? i’ve read all these “how to mount a usb” sites but they are all from the command line that i don’t even know how to access from osmc. is there an easy way to get this done automatically for someone who is not a coder?

Simply plug it in. You’ll find it mounted in /media

Tried that with no luck. Went to videos>files>add videos>root filesystem> media, nothing there. Also went root fulesystem>dev>usb, nothing there either.

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I don’t know what else you are looking for. I’m using a sandisk cruzer formatted to exfat, it’s not being detected apparently. That link seems geared towards crashes and bugs.

We can’t help you if you can’t read clear instructions…


Is that what you are looking for?

Please check the URL is correct.

I tried 3 times and none of the urls worked, i tried copying it to sd card and there is nothing on there either. Going to wipe the sd card and start with a fresh osmc install instead of through NOOBS.

Good choice.

I have had this problem and will only say that all of my other devices work , besides my 1tb hard disk.
I have tried and tried but it is not showing up.I gave up and said it was probably a power problem.

But the LED on the WD My passport disk is blinking.
My diagnosis is the FAT32 file system, as far as I know OSMC has only supported ext4.

tried a fresh install, same problem, still won’t let me save my logs either. going to try xbian. all i want is a media center for my grandparents since they don’t use the internet, just want to dump files onto a thumb and have them play with an easy interface and it’s turning out to be a real pain in my ass.

same problem on xbian, i think the 128gb stick just isn’t getting enough power.