USB Touchscreen is not working with OSMC, partial solutions


some time ago I complained that my USB-Touchscreen was not working with OSMC, but with other Distro’s like Raspbian or Ubuntu it was never a problem. See link below:

I now found a partial solution:

The problem is that my USB Touch is providing x and y data in a much higher resolution than the real setup display resolution, for example 1024x600.
Usually the Touch resolution for x and y are numbers up to 32767.

I was now able to change the firmware from the USB-Touch with a divider factor for x and y as follow:
y = touch x value /55;
x = touch y value /32;

and oh wondering, my USB-Touch is working now with osmc like a charm !! :slight_smile:

My question now as not every body has the possibilty to change USB-Touch Firmware, is if there is a way in OSMC to divide / adjust the received evdev input values, as follow?

evdev_root_x = in.value/55;
evdev_root_y = in.value/32;

Any hint would be very appreciate.

thank you very much

What changes did you make?


As mentioned above, I add a divide factor of 55 to the x-coordinates and 32 to y.
That is done in the touchfirmware itself.

My question is if there is a way to this on the osmc side means somewhere in the driver-input / evdev/event read function from osmc? thanks

Can you clarify what you mean by firmware changes in more detail?



the firmware of the touch-controller

So you modified and compiled a custom version of the firmware? If that’s the case you should work with the firmware supplier to make those settings customizable.

Yes I was able to program and change the touch controller firmware by myself and by just change the x,y coordinate values. But usually touch-controller firmware are not customizable and you will also never get an extra adapted firmware just fitting for osmc from touch supplier…
these are all big supplier which only write driver for linux, android, windows and that’s all

Well, just like WiFi driver firmware, they can allow custom values via config files. So there is no reason why they can’t modify the drive to do this.

EDIT: Is it the firmware you have modified, or the driver? They are different things.

I modified the firmware / software in the touch controller.
I have no driver to the Touch, it works with the standard USB HID drivers which are usually installed in linux windows or android.

Practical you have no chance to get something specific from touch supplier, it’s totally different to wireless device etc.

so probably a config file on the osmc side would help much more…