USB UHD Blu-ray drive?

Although I usually rip everything to my Plex, there may come a time when I want to play a UHD Blu-ray straight from the disc. I don’t have a dedicated UHD Blu-ray player so I wondered what would happen if I got a USB-based UHD Blu-ray drive, plugged it into the Vero 4K+, and put a disc in it? Would it play as if it were a dedicated player? Would it play in full 4K/HDR with lossless audio?


You would need to install libaacs manually (fixed in v18) and AACS keys DB file for disks to decrypt on the fly. We can’t distribute these keys, but they’re trivial to acquire.

You will then be able to use 4K BD discs; but menus that use BD-J are not supported. This may change in the near future.


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MakeMKV can rip UHD discs, to that’s an option also.