Using a Basic nas (one bay) for vero4k+

Hello everyone
I decided to buy a NAS for the first time to be a storage for my media (movies and musics) , so I would like to know your opinion, is a basic low end nas will be ok for my vero4k streaming like Synology DS120j ? Or I should get more powerful one ?

Thanks for help

A single bay NAS wouldn’t make much sense from my view as in that case you could just connect a single external drive to the Vero4k and use the Vero as simple NAS.

The idea of using a nas is to be able to download contents directly by the download station application, as an external hard drive have no such capabilities


If your only requirement is to download directly to the drive, I would do as fzinken suggests and attach a drive to your vero4k+. Installed the samba server from osmc, the attached drive will automatically be shared and you can access the share on your PC and download or copy to it.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for answering, but I dont want to give the task of downloading to my pc , I want the nas to do the download directly,
So a low end nas can handl this ? So I can stream my 4k contents by vero4k?

If you want the Syn-NAS to do the downloading then get a higher model.

Especially if you have a fast internet connection it is CPU intensive which those lower tier models lack and will be sluggish, especially with p2p protocols.
If you are aiming to also use VPN I would recommend a model which can do hardware encryption or you’ll get even less performance.

What synology nas you suggest a budget nas
Thanks , I was thinking between ds120j or ds220j and eventually ds118

Well for a single drive the Vero can do that. The “NAS” you quote would not be much more powerful than the Vero.

Sorry, I don’t know Synologys current offering on NAS so I can’t really recommend one.
Maybe some other user on here has some recommendations.
Or read reviews and google some info.

@fzinken makes a valid point though.

Is there an addon can do the download ? I want to download from a file hosting website which I cant do it on osmc , but synology has this support

Well I don’t think there is anything in the world a Synology Device could do that a full featured Linux OS (which OSMC is) can’t do.

So a simple synology nas can handle streaming 4k contents through my vero4k?