Using multiple OSMC devices together

I’ve been using a RPi2 for a few months now with OSMC installed + a 500GB HDD. It works really well and does most things I want it to.

I have another RPi2 and a Pi0 and I’m just wondering if I can use them in some way?

I setup the RPi2 with a clean OSMC installation and it worked and I can view the same videos and music from the other RPi2.

However I love the fact that I get a tick by things I’ve watched already. However that only works on the device I watched it on. Is there any better way to use them in a more linked way?

Excellent - that looks to be exactly what I was after.

A couple of quick questions though - at the start of the wiki it is very explicit about having the same version etc.

How does it cope with upgrading OSMC/Kodi? Does the MySQL database get upgraded when you run the built in upgrade option? Or do you need to re-export the library each time you upgrade?

Just thinking of ease of maintaining as OSMC does seem to get a few upgrades (which is great) but don’t fancy having to mess around extensively each time I upgrade.

I take it an RPi2 would be OK to be the server? The one downstairs is left on 24/7.

After an upgrade of Kodi (which will be part of the OSMC updates) Kodi will upgrade the database on the next restart.
Therefore the suggestion in to first upgrade the Pi on which the database runs and then afte the database is upgraded to upgrade the others as otherwise you can run into toruble. Important such a database upgrade would most likely only happen with a major version change (e.g. v16 to v17) of Kodi.

Yes, just install mysql server from the App Store

You’re much better off using Emby.Media, if you’re able to move the media to another server

Oh look, a wild opinionated statement with no supportive reasoning appears.

You can google the differences, quit moaning

There’s also quite a lot to be said for real world use experiences as well. So again, thanks for nothing pal.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: