Using my Bluray player as an AVR

Just ordered Vero 4K but have been thinking about this too. My issue will be that I won’t be able to use my Samnsug TV remote to control Kodi as the Vero will be hooked up to my AVR -> TV etc.

I currently run an Rpi3/OSMC hooked directly to TV for TV shoes but for BluRay rips I have an old(ish) HTPC with 2 HDMI ports, one hooked to TV and one to AVR. That way i get both surround sound and CEC remote. Reason for buying Vero 4K was to replace the HTPC & RPi3 so CEC remote not working is going to be a pain. Also, wanted to use Vero for everything and ditch the Rpi3. For TV shows, I dont need surround sound so 2nd HDMI to TV would have been perfect.

Will see how i get on but 2 HDMI ports would be awesome. Otherwise will probably get a new HTPC running Intel 9th Gen as and when.

My Vero 4K is connected to a Yamaha AVR:

Vero -> Yamaha AVR -> TV

And I can use either the TV remote or the Yamaha AVR remote to control the Vero.

Oh ok. Will give it a go when i receive my Vero but I know it does not work with my Rpi3. Maybe its because my LG BluRay is also CEC and is intercepting the CEC commands.

Worst case scenario, will probably buy one of the splitters posted here or new mini pc (I do actually fancy a new 9th gen so any excuse … :slight_smile: )

Thanks bud. Appreciated.

Well, if you think your BD player could be causing a problem, do what I do. Get a good sized USB drive, and use MakeMKV to rip you content so you no longer need the BD player. I haven’t used one in years :cat:

Of course, you could just disconnect the BD player to see if that changes things.

Sorry i should have clarified - my AVR is my BluRay player. I only use it for surround sound. All my BD’s are ripped onto a NAS.

I moved your postings to a new topic, as it has nothing to do with the OPs question.

So your BD player actually has speakers connected to it? It’s a mini AVR?

Fairs but I was kinda responding to the ‘can we have 2 hdmi ports’ question :slight_smile:

Yes, its a mini AVR so to speak. Hooked up to 7.1 surround speakers.

The only answer to that question (and I think it was already given) was no. You need an HDMI splitter for that.

And if you are using your BD player as a audio source, how would that help?

Yes i will probably get the HDFury AVR Key - after confirming it supports CEC.

It would help as I would do what I do with my HTPC now. Hook up one HDMI to the TV (so CEC works) and the other to my BD for sound. Works perfectly that way.

No big deal anyways as looks like the splitter solution will do the same.

Thanks for your help. Appreciate the really quick responses :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand your setup. Do you have speakers connected to your BD player? Please give us a clear description of how everything is connected.

HTPC HDMI Port 1 -> TV (so full CEC) but just TV speakers sound when BD is not switched on as Kodi defaults to TV Speaker output.

HTPC HDMI Port 2 -> BD w/i built in AVR connected to surround speakers. TV sound output is automatically disconnected as Kodi set to output to BD/AVR. NB BD HDMI output port is not connected to TV, ie used purely as AVR.

I still don’t understand your setup. What is:


That are the HTPC? I don’t see mention of where the Vero is connected.

Or are you trying to say that the HTPC is the Vero, and your BD player is not correctly handing CEC? You could just connect the Vero directly to the TV with the BD player connected to the ARC port.

Ah no. I was saying from my original post that the idea was to replace my HTPC with the Vero 4k so 2 HDMI ports (like my HTPC) in the above configuration would allow me to have :

a) Full CEC
b) Surround sound through the BD when watching ripped bluray movies
c) Sound through TV only when watching TV Shows.

Good point re connecting the BD to the TV ARC port though! Will try out tonight. Not sure it will as Vero will be connected to a different TV HDMI port so dunno if TV will bother routing the audio to the BD. Will let you know. Will be brilliant if it works!

That’s the point of ARC! But realize that you can’t get the HD audio depending on your TV, you may just get standard audio.

Yeh - I’m an idiot!

But not having HD audio would be a deal breaker but my Samsung is high end so may be ok. Let’s see.

Do you mean an Egreat H10 doesn’t work with an RPi3? I don’t understand why you would use those two devices together.

Maybe you’re thinking of the Egreat A10…? The H10 is functionally similar to the HDFury AVR Key (but a little cheaper) - it’s designed to split a single HDMI stream into two, with the video going to one output and the audio to the other.

(This is not the same as what is normally called a “splitter”: that sends exactly the same signal - audio and video - to both outputs. That can be useful, but if the problem is that an AVR can’t handle a 4K video input, it won’t help. The HDFury AVR Key or Egreat H10 are designed for that situation, though.)

If you’re having CEC issues, this might possibly be useful:

It basically passes on whatever signal you input, but with CEC removed.

I wouldn’t mess with ARC if I were you. It’s really only useful in cases where the TV itself is your video source - i.e. some app running on a smart TV is generating video and audio. And even then you can’t send DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD via ARC, only DD or DTS (and sometimes DD+ on new TVs).

Tried the ARC solution - not much use - just outputs 2 channel stereo.

Will go for the HDFury or Egreat solution as per above posts. Anyone have any comments on which one is better please?

@Angry Sardine - nah not RPi3. Was asking if Vero 4K could have 2 hdmi ports so that I could split the signal like my PC can.

Thanks guys!

You should be able to just pick up a cheap HDMI splitter then. Something like this should work:

Yes, looking on Amazon uk - there is a Neet splitter for a fraction of the price which I would trust as I have another Neet product that is rather good.

Just that I have seen a lot of reports saying that the cheaper splitters do not work v well when it comes to passing UHD/HDR etc.

HDFury have a good forum on AVSForum and eGreat is mentioned too so may play safe and go for one of them.

I use the HDFury AVR Key with my Vero 4K+ and prior to that the original 4K,
on my setup the HDMI out from my Vero goes to the Key, then there is one HDMI out to my LG TV and another HDMI out to my AVR, this setup works flawlessly sending all audio formats to the AVR and 4K HDR to my TV with CEC working perfectly.
I would advise connecting the Key to your HTPC if/when you get it and installing the latest firmware via the HTPC though.