Using MySQL and Trakt


I have a Vero 4K, Vero 4K+ running OSMC. For a long time I’ve been using MySQL set up on my server to synchronize between the devices, and it works well, easy to replace or set up a new device.

Now, I have a couple of IPADs running MrMC / Infuse and sometimes use Plex as well, and would like to synchronize the watched status as well.

I am not entirely clear on how it’s supposed to work. Upon initial installation of Trakt on a Vero 4K, the Trakt account got populated with the watched status - so far so good.
I’ve also set up the Trakt plugin to update the status after every library update.

However nothing seems to be happening after the initial setup on the trakt account when I mark something in OSMC watched / not watched.

If someone knows how it’s all supposed to work together I’d appreciate an explanation, as I’m afraid I’ll wake up one day with the MySQL and Trakt all messed up.


You should probably be addressing this with the developers of the trakt add-on over on the Kodi forums for more timely and relevant support.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try over there as well.