Using OSMC to stream to RV radio

Good evening!
I am trying to figure out how to stream audio from OSMC to my Kenwood stereo in the driver’s compartment of my RV. My setup is likely a bit complicated so let me detail:
OSMC June 2019 on a Rpi3. This is connected via HDMI to a Yamaha RX-V775 Receiver and then this plays to all the speaker and TV’s(2) in the RV itself. I can play anything using all the features OSMC has anywhere in the house portion of the RV. The rig is based on a commercial semi truck so the cab is separate and does not have any wired connectivity to the house part. What I have been unable to do is stream directly from the pi/osmc to the stereo in the cab so we can listen to our music while driving the rig. I just installed a newer Kenwood KDCBT772HD which has built in blue tooth, airplay, and heart radio. I was hoping to stream from OSMC to the KDC unit.,
I have already tried to do via bluetooth- I installed a2dp-app-osmc and was able to find and pair the radio to OSMC via the MyOSMC app. I was unable to figure out how to get anything to play on the cab radio though even though both the KDC and OSMC show being paired.
I just saw previous posts about BT issues and will be getting a dongle to eliminate issues with the internal BT adapter -but- is there a way to use the Kodi web interface to select and play albums via BT? Is there another way I should be thinking about this?
Thanks in advance

Did you change the audio sink under settings -> system -> audio?

No (and please forgive my ignorance) but is there a reference that I can read that will advise?
Also, if I do so will it create issues with the current setup via HDMI into the Yamaha?

As bluetooth is experimental there is currently no documentation other than what is written in the testing thread.
It should not impact your HDMI solution. It will play through HDMI when Bluetooth is disconnected and Bluetooth as soon as the bluetooth audio is connected.

BTW, are you sure the KDC present itself as Speaker to OSMC ?

Thanks for the help. No I do not know if it advertises/presents as a speaker per se since it is a radio but is setup for streaming from a BT source. I will get after this tonite and see if making the audio sink settings helps and I can make it work.

I did just go through the manual and it does explicitly state it is a2dp compatible so hopefully this will work. I will report back later