VDR VNSI Plugin stutters when fast-forwarding and rewinding


I have a dedicated vdr server (vdr 2.3.6/2.3.6) and use the VERO4k as a client. When I watch a recorded video (German 4k HEVC codec) and forward or rewind, the video stutters. Pause and Play does not change the situation. But when I stop and start at the last position everything is fine again.
I have uploaded the logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/ijapigajix
(Procedere you should find in the logs: Start the video, forward some seconds and then stop)
Yesterday I had exactly the stuttering problem suddenly while watching live tv. (Just as a additional information, because it is not reproducable…)
Thanks for any help


Does it affect recordings?


Does not seem to affect the recordings. They are ok.


Is there anything else I can provide?


Hi Holger – I have not had a chance to look in to this yet.