Vera 4K Basic questions

Hi Just bought one, love it, does just what i want, couple of quick questions:

1 - i can power it down, but how do i switch it back on again, when it standby (front blue status light is red) it doesn’t respond to the remote to power on.

2 - the outer edges of the display is slightly past the screen limits of my TV and i can’t find the settings to adjust the image.

Thanks for any help.


Hi @Pete1

  1. It’s a 24/7 power on device, tho i know Sam is working on a standby mode, but at the time you do best in leaving it on.

  2. Try ‘Just Scan’ or ‘1.1’ pixel mapping on your TV

If changing the mode of your TV doesn’t fix it, Go to settings -> System settings -> Display and select “Video calibration…”

You will be able to adjust top left/bottom right and subtitle position