Vera 4K giving frown symbol


I purchased a Vera 4k a while ago but due to ill health I have only just got around to trying it.

When I try to boot it for the first time I just get a frown symbol and I have no idea what it means. Another screen flickers on but it so quick I cannot read it.

What is it trying to tell me and what am I meant to do?

Also, it has a microSD slot and two input jacks. I assume one of the jacks is for the infared connection, but which one? What is the other one for?

I expected to just boot and it to work so I am quite lost.

Any help much appreciated.

Easiest way would be to reinstall OSMC. See Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC.
The IR receiver is to be plugged in to the port furthest away from the HDMI connector. The other port is for CVBS output.

Thanks Sam, will try a new install.

When I try to insert a microSD card in the slot it seems to just bounce back out. Am I doing something wrong? Is the microSD slot just for installs or can OSMC make use of it?

What is CVBS? An Internet search says it is a composite out. Is that correct?


Make sure the contacts are facing you, so logo / branding is down, i.e. facing the floor.
The SD slot can be used to add additional storage, not just for installs.


I seem to have hit another problem. The remote is not recognised at all.

Am I right in assuming that it should talk to the Vera straignt away or does it need a wifi dongle?

I’ve tried changing the battery and it makes no difference.

It needs the usb dongle that comes in the remote bag

I’ve just checked the box and there is no usb dongle in there. The only other thing in the box is something to mount the Vera (black plastic thing) but no dongle.

I’ve managed to get it set-up using a keyboard but the remotes I have are not recognised. I’ve tried an HP Windows media remote but none of the options I have selected work.

What sort of dongle is it and can you send me one?

Check the bag of the remote control carefully

The remote dongle is taped to the back of the remote’s PE bag.

Sam, there is no remote dongle. I have gone through everything. I had one of the early batch so maybe they forgot? The paper/manual with the Vera also does not list a dongle? The box is exactly as it arrived. When it first arrived I took the Vera out and plugged it in to check it powered. I didn’t take anything else out of the box so it is exactly as it arrived. It didn’t even occur to me that it would need a dongle as I assumed that whatever it uses was built into the box.

When I said what sort of dongle I meant is it bluetooth or wifi and will any dongle do?

The remote dongle is attached to the remote during production, so it’s not possible for a remote to be sent out without a dongle, as it effectively seals the bag containing the remote.

Does the remote have volume buttons?

Yes the remote has volume buttons.

OK, I have no idea why I don’t have a dongle but there is no dongle in the box. The box has always been sat in the same place and closed. So, if a dongle had fallen out I would have seen it and I would easily have been able to find it.

The reason I asked what sort of dongle is because I have some logitech unifying dongles somewhere. I don’t know if they only work on logitech kit.

As I wasn’t expecting a dongle I wasn’t looking for one.

We have never shipped a remote without a dongle. It can’t really happen because of how they are packaged and inspected.

We can send you a new one.

That would be great. But one of the reasons I was asking the technology it uses is because I don’t run a wifi network most of the time. So, if it needs a wifi network then I would prefer to get my HP remote to work. I couldn’t work out whether the remote works as a normal remote as well with infared. I plugged the infared cord in and the remote didn’t work but the front looks as if it would send infared signals. Although the remote is probably the best remote I have ever seen it is not the end of the world if it doesn’t work, provided I can get an alternative to work.

The remote is wireless, but does not use your WiFI, it’s independent.

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Thank you.

It’s an RF dongle and no not a generic one would work.

Just ping with your order number and we will send you a new RF dongle.