Verk4k no longer finding associated video files

Hi, I’ve had this issue a few times recently and I wanted to ask for some advice.

Vero4k running OSMC with 3 seagate external HDD’s connected via a USB hub.

I have video files located on all 3 drives and they’re all scanned to Kodi’s library.

The problem is that on 3 occasions now, when I click any of the movies or TV series, the videos do not play. Usually it has been working fine but suddenly one day this just happens.
If I navigate to settings and then library I can play the movies and TV shows directly from the file browser.

The way I fixed this before was a complete system reset insofar as using a USB thumb drive to do a factory reset.

Interestingly, I did have one of the HDD’s mapped as a network drive on my laptop so I could remotely transfer new files to it. For some reason that mapping has now switched over to one of the other HDD’s. That leads me to believe that maybe the HDD’s are swapping mapping letters or something?

Anyway, it’s a weird issue and I wondered if anyone has any ideas?

Well do they all have unique labels?
Are you using automount or fixed fstba mount?
Provide logs (after 2 times reboot and trying to play a file) either via MyOSMC or command line grab-logs -A