Vero 1 - Power supply lost

Hi folks,

I’ve taken my Vero out of storage but can’t find the power pack. I’m in the UK, could someone send me a pic of what it looks like? I know its supposed to be 5V & 2A but if I knew what it looked like it would help me with my search.

If I can’t find it, can it be powered by USB using the microUSB port on it? or is there a device in Argos or Maplin I could buy to power it.

I want to take it on holiday on Monday so mail-order out of the question unfortunately.


Hi Andy

Sorry to hear you have misplaced the adapter. I’d be more than happy to get you a new one out in the post if you can’t find it.

The PSU is a Stontronics branded adapter and has a detachable plug head.

The original Vero can only be powered with the barrel jack connector unfortunately.

I don’t have a picture of one at hand unfortunately as I use Vero 4K PSUs on the devices now (they are forwards compatible) and it would be in storage.


Thanks for replying Sam.

I’d love to order a new one, but kind of need it for Monday morning, no way I’d get it in time. Its baffling where its gone, I’ve found one that 5V 1.5A with a barrel connector, but its branded Logitech. I’m sure I need the 2A especially if I want to plug a hard disk into it.

I’ll keep looking thanks, may have to abandon it and fall back to my Pi 1.


Hi Andy,

When you get back I can send you the power supply. Alternatively, if you’re travelling for some time I can ship this to wherever you’re going.

You will need 2A if the hard disk doesn’t have an external power supply.

Shipping this is pennies for us so we wouldn’t expect you to order or pay for the replacement.


I’ve tried the 1.5A supply and its working, I’ve got a powered usb hub so i’ll give that a go with a hard disk later, could well be a solution.

Thanks for your help.

Vero is currently updating, version on the thing is April 2016. Be interesting to see if it successfully updates.

Hello, @sam_nazarko, I just did not want to make another topic with about the same subject. A few years ago I bought the Vero 1 and after having it back from storage, it did miss the power supply. I find one with a 2.5 A output but it did not boot though it seems to have power.
Probably I need the original one. How can I get one and can I check the sd card to see if that still contains the Kodi software or is it quit blond from me to check that??


See you have a very nice successor in store (good reviews) but for now that does not fit my budget.

Hi @Joost_van_Berkum

Sorry for the delay in my reply.

I would advise checking the voltage on this power supply.
It needs to be 5V. Make sure it’s not a 12V adapter or you could damage the device.

If you let me know your details, we can arrange for a new PSU to be delivered.

All Vero customers can receive a discount as a thank you for their support. If you get in touch we can arrange a discount for you