VERO 2 audio S/PDIF 3,5 mm


Hi Sam

Any news on SPDIF and when it will work on OSMC? Can’t get this to work.



SPDIF passthrough has been working on Vero 2 since early March. If you are experiencing problems, you should check your system is up to date and you have configured audio output correctly.




Hello, I just want to confirm that the adapter shown in my previous post in this thread worked with SPDIF digital output with Dolby Digital and DTS passthrough to a reciever.


Thanks – that’s appreciated, and gives us something to refer users to if they want this kind of adapter.



Hello again!

I also got my SPDIF digital output working (both DTS and Dolby).
For future users, here the picture of the cable used and the adapter, which connects to the “hole” right next to the USB (not the HDMI).


Help understanding 3.5 sound output

Somehow, I get analog audio output from the service port.

Either with 3 segments jack, or with 4->3 segments adapter, I have to plug out 1mm to have stereo. It seems that using a 4 segments jack is more stable in that position.

Not being sure on what segment is ground, I’ve used an adapter that switched the last two segments (from base). Didn’t worked. It think the jack has ground,video,right,left (starting from the base).

It will be nice the have details about the ports on a wiki page. They are not labeled. We don’t know the differences between them (eg. usb ports: speed, otg).


To add to Jim’s experience, I can confirm that to get analog stereo I need to leave the plug slightly out (I tried plugs with 3 and 4 segments), but in my case I cannot get the two channels to have the same volume, one of them is always louder (I can get any of the two louder by taking the plug more in or out).
[Luckily I managed to finally get the digital out working.]



The four pole AV cables work well and they are quite cheap (about £1-2), so may help here with volume problems.

That is correct. It is trivial to add support for 480p/576p, and add these as supported resolutions in Kodi, but we’ve never had a request, and I’d rather not fix something that is not broken.

I will do a Wiki page on this – thanks for the suggestion. I actually changed the speed of ports recently, as they are entirely configurable by software.

The rear port is running in USB Full Speed, and the other three side ports are running at USB High Speed (480Mbps). I noticed some users reported issues where the remote would go crazy, and repeat presses until another was pressed. This is caused by a Split Transaction being dropped because the ARM cannot service the IRQ in time. By dropping the port speed on the rear port, we avoid Split Transactions and thus don’t have this issue. It’s not an ideal solution, and I am looking at the FIQ implementation, but for now, it works, and as we sold the rear port as USB OTG, not many customers will find themselves aflicted. We now recommend putting the RF dongle in the rear port of the device, and other devices in the side ports. We will fix it properly in the future so all ports can operate in Full Speed, but for now, telling a customer that a USB driver fix is two months away isn’t acceptable, so we worked on a short-term solution as an interim fix



jpont and me tried a 4 pole plugs, and didn’t fit well.
Are there different types of 4 pole plugs? I don’t speak about the wires/connections.


From a wiring perspective yes. Apple, many years ago, with the iPod video, switched two of the wires so their proprietary cable was more favourable.

It’s been a while since I connected one of these to the V2. I’ll see if I can dig one up from wherever I left it



Maybe the answer is obviuos but I need to ask:
is the spdif digital output capable of sending 24 bit audio?
what is the maximum sample rate?



24/192 should be fine


I was also able to get it working with a standard jack converter and a coaxial cable as shown above


Thanks for the reply. Also I have a question regarding audio mixdown to stereo and issue of dialogue channel being not loud enough. It seems it has not been addressed in Kodi till now. Does Vero 2 provides some extra features so to control loudness of central channel before mixdown?


Enable the ‘boost center channel’ option. This was originally developed by @popcornmix but it has been added to the Vero 2.



I bought this cable from eBay for 2,5 euro to connect a Vero2 to the AUX of a Bose 3-2-1 system. Works fine.

Help understanding 3.5 sound output
Noise problem with Vero 2 and USB interface Amanero

I have been using my new Vero for 1 month and am not able to get the SPDIF coaxial connection working: I only get a strong noise ou of it. Any help ?



  • Make sure you are using the right port (one is CVBS, one is digital)
  • Make sure SPDIF is selected in Kodi
  • What kind of input are you connecting to? Some photos might help us assist.



Thanks Sam,
. I am using the 3.5 mm minijack nearest to the USB
. SPDIF is selected in Kodi
. I am connecting via a coaxial (minijack 3.5 mm 2 segments - RCA) to Digital coaxial input on a Sony TA E2000ESD digital processing preemplifier …

Does it help … ?


I finally got everything running and is fine except for one question:
when I play videos sound is great -> SPDIF output works perfect through my digital Sony preamp, but when I play music from my music library, there is an enormous unbalance between channels that I cannot even correct through my preamp balance capabilities.