Vero 2: Can't update. Stuck in download process

Hi OSMC Team,

I have currently installed 2016-04-2 on my Vero 2.
When I trigger a manual update, my device stucks in the download process.
The notice “Downloading Update / Starting Download” remains in the right corner, until I restart my Vero.
I don’t get an error or no update available message.

I have enabled debugging and created a set of logs.
You can grab them here >
Can you please have a look? I don’t know what is running wrong :worried:

Thanks for your help and support :v::thumbsup:


This might be a new bug when no further updates are available

What does a manual apt-get update show? This can also happen if a local mirror is having problems

Hi Sam,

I started a manual update [according to the wiki].
The “sudo apt-get update” command fetched the updates, then I installed them with “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”. Finally I restarted my Vero with “sudo systemctl start mediacenter”.
Now everything works :grinning:
It seems that the update function is now working. After the restart I manually checked for updates and I get the message that no updates are available.

Thanks for your help! :sunglasses:

Most possible cause could be a temporary network issue which prevented the update completing

Glad all is well now

I can’t imagine that, I wasn’t able to check for updates for the last 5-6 days. I only reported the bug today :smirk: