VERO 2 dead and cannot get support

Hi there,

Trying to get some support as my Vero 2 unit died for no reason… burnt smell from it … team asked me to check power supply which I did and bought a new power supply … but it won’t fire up.

Have emailed the OSMC team 3 times but not getting any response now!


Hi Anntain,

I have replied to you several times.

  • 22nd December
  • 30th December (when you emailed my personal address)
  • 3rd January (when you emailed my personal address)
  • 4th January (when you emailed sales)
  • 7th January (when you contacted via the blog)
  • 8th January (I tried to send you a new email hoping it would be received and not trip your spam filter)

It does not seem that you are getting my responses. Please check your email’s ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk Mail box’.

In your email on 22nd December you said that you tried to power the device with a 12v power supply:

I found a new power supply and the unit is flashing a blue light now but nothing more.

The unit and the power supply smell like burnt rubber.

I rechecked the output and I was using a 12v not 5.

I’ll try and get a new one and see if that solves the issue.

Unfortunately if that is the case the device will be damaged. The Vero 2 is meant to be powered using a 5V, 2A power supply.

In my replies I detailed some options, but if the device has been powered with this adapter it will not be trivially repairable and is not covered under the warranty.


Hi Sam,

I just got your mails now as they were in my spam folder.

Hey, the unit died using the original power supply.

I purchased a new power supply 5v,2a from Ebay as it was hard to get one here.

The unit just flashes a blue light but won’t actually turn on.


Hi Sam,


The unit powered by the original power supply stopped working for no reason. On closer examination there was a burnt smell. No lights- nothing.

I tried a different power supply - it made no difference as nothing powered up

After emailing you, I purchased a new 5v,2A power supply now I have a blue flashing light and nothing more.


Hi Anntain,

I will reply here as well as email until you can confirm that email is working as expected for you.

Sometimes the power adapter may go wrong, but fortunately we can swap things out when this is the case and usually replacing the adapter resolves the issue.

However, it seems that on 22nd December the different power supply you used was a 12V one. This would cause damage to the internal circuitry that would prevent it from functioning, even when a correct 5V, 2A power supply was used.

As remarked on 22nd December, we only recommended you try another power supply if and only if the other supply was 5V and had the same specifications.

We would be happy to receive the device back and look at it, but if a 12 volt power supply has been used on the device then the chances of being able to repair it are slim.


Hi Sam,

Do you have an address to post to?



Hi Anntain

Did you receive my last email dated 10th January?


Hi Sam,

No… I checked spam as well… just an OSMC email on that date about the forum.

Can you resend please?



Hello Anntain,

I have sent the email through again.
Let me know if you haven’t received it


After doing some spring cleaning. I just realized I accidentally killed my Vero 2.

Two identical barrel connectors sitting next to each other, one 12V the other 5V. For as much as these devices cost it would have been nice to have a smaller barrel connector, maybe even a color coded sleeve, or perhaps a power requirement sticker on the device stating the power requirements like most manufacturers.

This sucks…

Sorry to sound harsh but if you used the wrong power supply no one can be blamed for it. There are plenty of different power adapters which supply a variety of voltages, and they can use the same connector. It’s up to the user to pay attention to what supply has to be used for every device, and that’s why no one covers damage that comes from using a different adapter than the one suitable for the device.

I’m sorry to hear that this has happened.

I think we should add 5V/2A by the label on the base of the device for future batches.
We added some fuse protection on the Vero 4K, but it’s not a magic bullet unfortunately.


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