Vero 4+ constantly Freezing

Hello everyone,

Got my Vero 4K+ today, but haven’t got much luck with it.
Whatever I do it freezes the box. Even if I don’t touch the remote it freezes.

If I try to change the refresh rate on option I receive the message of no input on TV.

Anything I could do?


Did you do any customizing while setting it up? And add-ons installed, etc?

How are you connected with the network, wired or wifi?

Can you ssh in to see if the OS is hung, or if it’s just Kodi hanging?

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

Im connected by wire and even ssh the machine it freezes there.

Don’t have any addons. Received the box today and trying to set it up but can’t do it.

Edit: Now on start getting this message.
“Segmentation fault
waiting for root filesystem device /dev/vero-nand/root
/dev/vero-nand/root: recovering journal”

Can you try reinstalling OSMC? See

Also: can you confirm your device is plugged directly in to the wall?



Yes it’s connected directly to the wall and already tried to reinstall it.
I think I found the problem. Must be the pin connector for the power supply. If I press the power cable to the box it runs good. If I release the cable the box freezes.

Sorry to hear that. If you give me your order number I can get you a new PSU out promptly

Thank you Sam,

we talking about this?!

PSU = power supply.