Vero 4K+ and screen black every 30s


Every 30 seconds while either just watching a show or just in the main interface, my vero 4k+ will disappear. The AV receiver shows no connection for a few seconds, then the vero comes back. I’m running Dec 2018 12-1
Even the Web interface says it loses the connection every 30 seconds.

interface is set for 720
wired ethernet

I ran with debugging on and there are no log entries with this happens.

Any ideas?


Can you post a debug log when this happens?
There may be some clues there.

Can you try another HDMI cable?



Once again, there no entries in the debug log when this happen. nothing. nothing to post.

I hooked up my old odroid with LibreELEC and it’s still happening, so maybe the issue isn’t vero related. I’ll try some stuff with the AVR next.


There should be.
If there aren’t, then the issue is likely with the HDMI from the AVR -> TV.



Well, the issue turned out to be an issue with the NAS. All resolved now.


Could you please be a little bit more detailed so that people can learn from this?

How would the NAS impact the Vero Picture if you are just in the main menu?


I believe hard drive problem on my linux server (I called it a NAS) caused the NFS mount to periodically drop.
It’s also possible the issue had something do to with having a second monitor connected to the output of the AVR. I fixed the server and unplugged the second monitor, and the problems seemed to have stopped. Not sure which one solved the issue.