Vero 4k and video doorbell

Hi, have just spent a while researching the internet for any possibility of viewing my Ring video doorbell output on my Sony TV. I’m not getting very far as it seems Ring don’t do a TV version of their app. Looks like it might be possible using Alexa somehow but I wondered if it might be possible to somehow connect the Vero 4K to the camera and view through that? Has anyone already done this?

Maybe if your doorbell outputs an rtsp stream, it would be possible.
Then make a strm fil with the rtsp stream path. I have done that with my IP surveillance cameras and the Vero4k+.

Make sure you are researching how this might be done within Kodi. The fact that you are using a Vero is likely not relevant.

I don’t think Ring exposes RTSP streams. I think it’s very cloud based.

Thanks for the answers, I’ve had a good look now and it seems Sam might be correct. Ring aren’t probably going to have a system which could be bypassed and lose themselves some revenue. Oh well, worth a go. Btw thansen what make of cctv camera do you use? I’m going to get a system myself so may as well make sure those cameras are more flexible.

Hikvision cameras are good if you want to run them yourself (i.e. not dependent on cloud infrastructure).

Dahua are as good as and not on the US blacklist :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slack response, just fitted a Hikvision system and it’s really good kit so thanks for the heads up Sam :+1: