Vero 4k+ april update hanged installing Aeon MQ8

Hi, just updated Vero 4k+ and installed Aeon MQ8 from repository, it shows the creating skin image, no %, I let it go for about 30 mins and no progress.

Reboot Vero 4k+ makes appear again the skin update image.

What file do I have to edit on ssh to change back to osmc skin?

Thnx in advance, I keep looking for the info hehe.

Stop Kodi (sudo systemctl stop mediacenter)
Edit guisettings.xml (/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml) and change the skin to skin.osmc


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Done thanks.

Installing Eminence 2.0 for Leia now, it’s the skin I use always. Seems work ok, I have to recreate library nodes for separate 4k and non 4k, and also anime from tv series :slight_smile:

Edit: no need recreate nodes, just had to point again to my edited hub