Vero 4K+ bookmark behavior vs Zidoo X9S

Hello - Wondering if the Vero 4K+ will have the same type of options while playing back a movie as the OSMC does when using a Raspberry Pi3.

I use the Pi3 with OSMC and love it. I have a lot of 3d movies and it works great. However, i just upgraded to an Atmos receiver with 4 overhead speakers. Therefore I need 3d MVC as well as Atmos.

I just purchased the Zidoo X9S to try to meet my needs. Unfortunately, while it does perform these tasks, I find that ZDMC doesn’t meet my needs. Specifically…the ability to bookmark scenes for instant access. OSMC with the Pi has this and I love it. ZDMC doesn’t and I’m thinking of returning it and waiting to purchase the Vero 4K+ when it gets frame packed 3d.

Please let me know if the 4k+ does have this option. Thank you!

Yes – OSMC ships Kodi on both Pi 3 and Vero, so the experience will be identical.

We will make 3D frame packed builds available this week.


That’s great news. Will return the Zidoo. Just purchased a 4K+. Get it here as fast as you can, lol!!!

Cool. We will send you a tracking number when this has shipped.

Great news Sam, cant wait for the 3D builds!