Vero 4K+ bootlooping, out of disk space

Came home today to find my Vero 4K+ on the blue “frowning face” crash screen. Rebooting it only showed a warning about insufficient disk space and then almost immediately crashes again. Obviously can’t upload a log file.

I’d received the “not enough space to download updates” warning in the last couple of months but after a reboot it always showed something like 8GB-10GB free. I use Plex Kodi Connect and have a library of more than 2000 movies, about 8000 TV episodes, and about 25,000 music files so I’m guessing that’s what filled it up over time.

Any suggestions? I have a 128GB SDcard I can put in it if I can get it booted again but right now it doesn’t appear functional.

EDIT: It is booting enough that it’s pulling an IP address from my DHCP server. However, it doesn’t look like SSH is up. Portscans show no ports open.

Try plugging in a keyboard and hitting “esc” when the blue screen comes up. It may take a few tries. If you get to the prompt then you can log in from there and delete or move things. I doubt it is thumbnails by itself taking up all that room with a collection that size. Take a look at this post and the few below it…

FYI I just downloaded the OSMC install utility and re-installed from scratch. Gonna take a bit to get my config back where it was with PlexKodiConnect but at least I’m up and running where the kids can watch stuff. For now I’m using the (pathetically outdated) Plex add-on.

I’ve been running with PKC for over a year so I suspect it’s filled the Vero’s internal storage with junk over time and never cleaned up after itself. When I get PKC back up and running we’ll see if it blows up the storage again. If so, I’ll look to add that 128GB SDcard as local storage for the Vero and figure out how to move PKC’s database there. Or is PKC’s database and Kodi’s database one and the same?

PKC uses Kodi’s Library. It basically just automatically populates Kodi’s library with web links to the plex database, or alternatively if you set it up, local links that are managed through PKC to keep them synced to your Plex server. If it really is the artwork taking up all this space then you wouldn’t move the database, you would path sub the thumbnail folder to the SD card.

Thanks darwindesign! That clarification will help a lot along with the howto link. I plan to rebuild my PKC in the next couple of days. I’ll monitor how big that thumbnail folder gets. Hopefully this is a glitch of old stuff not getting cleaned up over the last year and that’s what took up all the space. However, if it blows up again after a full re-sync then I know the culprit for sure and will move the thumbnail folder.

While we’re on the topic, is there anything better than PKC for getting Kodi/Plex interoperability? I actually prefer the Plex interface but the official Plex add-on is so laughably outdated it’s difficult to consider it.

I am not aware of a third option of actually connecting to Plex. If your files are local you could just use Kodi with regular file shares. If you wanted to sync watched status you should be able to do that with trakt. Other than that the only thing I see mentioned, and this is not something I have even looked into, is dumping Plex for Emby.