Vero 4k+ boots up with blue frowny face

OK… i think i have hosed my beloved Vero 4k+ … not quite sure how.

  1. Boots up with frowny face
  2. When you press the home button, then it reverts to login prompt.
  3. I can SSH but not sure where the logs might be (to upload).

Here is the video that describes the behavior.

The device should be fine – but something is causing Kodi to crash.

You can get logs with grab-logs -A.
You could also try running mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-backup which will move your userdata away temporarily and will get Kodi starting again if there was a problem with it.

Excellent. Logs here.

I will do the userdata set.

Instead of dumping your entire setup you might be able to just delete ~/.kodi/userdata/profiles.xml which is the file your logs is showing as causing the problem…

2020-09-20 14:29:24.992 T:4070895616   ERROR: CProfileManager: error loading special://masterprofile/profiles.xml, Line 0
                                            Failed to open file
2020-09-20 14:29:24.992 T:4070895616  NOTICE: special://profile/ is mapped to: special://masterprofile/
2020-09-20 14:29:24.992 T:4070895616   FATAL: unable to load profile

If your not using profiles then it should boot up without an issue, assuming that is the only problematic file. If you are using profiles then you will need to recreate them.

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