Vero 4K can no longer auto-mount external USB HDD

I have been using an external USB HDD with my Vero 4K without any problems… until today. It is not getting auto-mounted anymore.

I have never used any USB hub for the HDD, and keep it plugged directly into Vero.

The HDD works fine when plugged into my laptop.

I also noticed that Vero is taking a rather long time to boot up: the “Please stand by” screen is displayed for a much longer duration before showing the main UI.

The logs are here:

Will appreciate your help. Thanks.

Power Supplies degrate over time and also other factors can make the Vero to provide less power via USB. Recommend to connect the hard disk via a powered USB Hub

Jun 12 07:26:13 osmc-Wilfred kernel: sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Spinning up disk... the disk is not spinning up good sign of not enough power.

This isn’t supported nor recommended. You were lucky that this worked before.

Thanks, @fzinken and @sam_nazarko . I shall try with a powered USB hub.