Vero 4k CEC - Power up

Hi all,

I just bought a vero 4K, and I have to say it is very good, I have used cheap Kodi boxes and a minix box for quite a while and this is way better. So thanks to all you work on this.

My question is this, I have a Sharp TV and a Denon AVR. I want to just use my TV remote, using CEC. the buttons all work, the TV remote controls all. When I press the power button on my TV the TV, AVR power down and the Vero goes to hibernate. I set this in the CEC options.

When I click the power button on the TV remote the TV powers up, then a second or so later the AVR powers up, but the vero 4k stays in hibernate mode, if I press a button on the TV remote, say OK on the TV remote the Vero comes out of hibernation mode.

So my question is this, how do I configure this so that when I press the TV remote power button it bring the vero straight out of hibernation? So pressing the power button on the TV remote turns on the TV, AVR and the Vero?

Thanks in advance


Remove the config that sends Vero to suspend mode. The device is designed to be always on and the suspend mode simply deactivates HDMI output while throttling cpu which only results in very nominal power savings. Even without throttling, the power usage of the Vero will cost you less than a gourmet burger over a year.

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Thanks for the reply. I will leave the Vero powered up.

But this really doesn’t answer my question, despite the low power usage of the Vero, I would like to know if the Vero could be put in suspend, hibernation or powered off mode, yet it powers back on when the TV turns on.

I guess the answer is no if when the Vero goes to suspend mode the HDMI interface no longer listens for CEC signals.



Make sure you use the Suspend option on the Power Menu

Ok, one by one.

  1. The Vero only supports Suspend (HDMI signal off and CPU Powersave Governor) and Poweroff. (No Hibernation)
  2. When in Suspend (tried via Power->Suspend) my Vero can be woken by any keypress on my TV remote via CEC.
  3. When powered off the vero can only be started by plug out/in the power.

I have tried the Vero in suspend mode, but it does not seem to wake up when I power on my TV with the TV remote.

That’s why I have posted the question.


Try to press a button (like up/down) on the remote that should wake it.

Thanks for the replies,

When I press the power button on my TV remote, the TV powers on, then the AVR comes on.

If I then press any button on my TV remote the Vero wakes up. So CEC is working.

My issue is I want everything to power on when I press 1 button, the power on button on the TV remote. The reason for this is because my Vero is the ONLY source of TV in my house, I cut the cable many years ago, I would like to make this a 1 button operation for my family, especially the young kids.

It may be the AVR, Denon in my case that is not passing the CEC power on signal to the Vero. So I may have to investigate the Denon.


That might be a red herring. My Vero wakes up when pressing any button on my TV remote even though CEC is disabled on both the TV and Vero or even if all cables are disconnected from the Vero …

That could mean that a IR profile is active.

That’s quite possible, although I’ve never consciously activated one. Is there an IR profile active by default?

Not that I know, but to be honest never checked.

I haven’t configured any IR, this is pretty much a straight out the box install.

I have submitted a support request to Denon, to see what they say about the AVR passing the power on signal to the Vero.


Did you check the Log if it is might actually been received?