Vero 4K CPU%

I’m using the Aeon MQ7 multi mod skin. When I exit out to the main menu my cpu% fluctuates around 100%. if I go into settings or programs the cpu% goes down to between 10-20%. I’ve tried to disable everything in the settings of the skin that might be running when I’m at the main screen but not sure what is causing the cpu to be high. Anyone have ideas as to what it may be?

Well I figured this piece out. Something is up with the the remote profiles. I use a harmony remote. I switched to connecting via Bluetooth and my cpu is now between 10-20% at the main menu.

A debug log may give some clues.

I uploaded the log to myosmc. Am I supposed to paste the link in the forum here? I think I’ll send a private message for that. Seems like there is too much info in there.


You can sanitize the logs if you prefer, details can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

Hers is my kodi log. CPU was hovering at an avg of 200 but was anywhere from 60-300%

Hi. Anything in the log stand out?