Vero 4k Crashing when playing 4k content


I’ve done a fresh install on this vero 4k about 3 times.
Its hardwired to the network and connected to a samsung 4k TV.
I’m using the EmbyCon addon to play content from my emby server. There are no other addons installed

It seems to be crashing randomly when browsing menu’s and about 30 seconds in to playing any 4k files. Files are fine and play elsewhere without issue
1080p files appear to play without issue

Log files here:


Hard to see specifically as the Kodi log isn’t a debug log, but it looks like the connection is dropping. Can you confirm if this occurs with local content (i.e. same file from a USB drive)/




I’ll see if i can find a drive big enough to put the file on and will get some debug logs too!


Okay, played 2 different 4k files, one mkv and one mts downloaded from 4k samples website.
the mts crashed instantly and the mkv crashed about 5 seconds in.
Have turned on debug logging now

Edit: to clarify these were from a USB stick plugged directly in to the Vero4k


17:49:24.449 T:2981098240 DEBUG: CVideoPlayerVideo - video decoder returned error

Looks odd. Also some strange crashes in your logs related to EmbyCon add-on.
I see you’re using the LG New York HDR test clip. That should work OK (we use it to test regularly here).

Could you try:;

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-backup

Try and play the file again (this gives you a fresh Kodi environment)
Does the device feel hot?



Device feels luke warm, not at all hot.

after running the commands above and rebooting, i get exactly the same results as before.
mkv played for ~10 seconds before crashing
ts crashed as soon as i pressed play

Oddly when I pressed play on the mkv file again, it played and crashed and then the TV presented an error stating “Mode Not Supported - Resolution not supported on the external device”
I manually set the resolution to 4k which stops the TV error but playback still crashes



What’s the model of the TV?
Does an older version of OSMC work ok? Say June version.


As an update, 1080p films on a nfs share will play for a few minutes before also finally crashing.

Model is a Samsung EU40MIU6120K but the same problem also happens on a 4K LG TV.

When I originally got the Vero 4k (back in i think May), i had the same problem then on the most recent build at the time but didn’t have the time to debug it.


what should i be looking for in the debug log files to help diagnose the problem with this?


Hi Josh,

So has this always been an issue; or has it only cropped up recently?
Just trying to get an idea if this is persistent or a regression




Hey Sam,

A friend bought it back in May 2017, had the same issue with file playback and couldn’t get it to work without crashing. Gave it to me in May this year and I reset it and had a quick go at playing files with the latest build at the time and still had the above problem. Have only just got round to having another go with it this weekend.

It sounds like its been a persistent problem from the start.



Hi Josh

Sorry for the late reply, it’s busy around here.

It’s hard to speculate as to what the issue may be as the device could simply be defective; or it could be a case of a bad power supply.

My guess would be the latter. You could power Vero with a USB cable (with the PSU removed) temporarily or a test. I’m happy to send you a new PSU as well for you to give a go.

About the resolution not supported message; should be fixed in next update. You can try it now with:

  1. Login via the command line
  2. Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list
  3. Add the following line: deb stretch-devel main
  4. Run the following commands to update: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && reboot
  5. Your system should have have received the update.

Please see if the issue is resolved.

I also recommend you edit /etc/apt/sources.list again and remove the line that you added after updating. This will return you to the normal update channel.




Not a problem Sam, I know what its like at the best of times!

Thanks for the offer! I’ll give it a try with USB power first, do I just need a decent USB power adaptor and which port do I plug it in to to power via USB? Won’t be able to test for a few days as I’m out of the country.

I’ll give the resolution error fix a test too when I’m back.
Thanks for the support!


You can use a USB port on a PC as well. The white port is the one you want to try.

Safe travels




Finally back and had time to test with a new power supply. Same issue when using a different power supply and through powering it with just the USB port.

Does this mean the device itself is defective?


What power supply did you use?
Hard to say what the issue is from the logs.



The second power supply was one my friend purchased when he was trying to diagnose the issue originally (I believe he was recommended that when he posted on the forum).

This was the lead I used in conjunction with a Oneplus USB plug / power from the TV


Can you show me a picture of the PSU?



Apologies, not great photos. Hope that helps!



Those photos are a bit blurry.

My guess is the device has some kind of fault. Hard to diagnose remotely.

It’s well out of warranty, and you didn’t even buy it from us, you cheeky git.

As it’s Christmas, I can replace it with a ‘rejected’ Vero 4K if you don’t mind a scratched top or some minor cosmetic scratches / ■■■■ ups.

Send me PM if interested.