Vero 4K+ dies every few days

Hi, I bought Vero 4K+ about 2 month ago. I was really happy with the device since the very first day, but after few days (less than a week), it just froze and nothing could be done with it except power off/on. After the reboot, there was just a black screen and the device did not come to life again. So I took an USB drive and reinstalled the system with the instructions provided here. Luckily, I had a backup of all the settings. It was working fine for a few days, but then it froze again. So, another round of reinstalling and restoring the settings from backup, few days of use…and again. This already happened like 4 or 5 times in the 2 months. This time, I have not just black screen after the reboot, but I could see this:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Did I get a faulty device?

Thank you very much for all your suggestions.

Are you using the official power supply?
Is it plugged directly in to the wall?

Do you have any USB peripherals attached?


Also, is power being removed abruptly while the system is running?

Yes, I’m using the official power supply, connected directly to the wall and no, the power is not removed when the device is running. There are no USB devices connected except the official remote of course.

Do you have another 5V, 2A power supply you can try with?

Unfortunately no, not with the connector you are using.


Please contact with a link to this thread so we can take care of it.


I gave it another go and this time, it lasted for nearly 2 weeks until it died again.
Is there any chance to change the log location? For example to my NAS storage? I would like to see what is happening just before it dies, but the logs are not accessible anymore when it happens…

well the good news its not the powersupply since you got a brand new one, dumb idea but moving to another power outlet have you tried that easy fix ?

The logs of importance would likely be dmesg, journalctl.

It should be possible to send these to a remote syslog server but may be a bit involving to set up.