Vero 4k+ doesn't boot after 2020-March update

After initiating the 2020-03 update my Vero4k+ turned off with the red LED showing.
Even after waiting for around 10-15 minutes it still didn’t respond to anything, which is when i pulled the plug and plugged it back in and now it doesn’t start at all.
edit: when I plug it in now the LED is not on, nothing gets send to the display and I can’t find it on the network either

Have you checked that you have voltage from the power adapter?

No, I don’t have a multimeter

You should see a red light for one or two seconds when you apply password.

Can you check this?

There is no red light whatsoever.

Then I don’t think the issue is caused by the update.
Can you try powering the device via USB cable?

How can I do that?
Does it use power from an attached USB-hub?

Yes – disconnect the barrel jack first.

There is nothing happening when I attach it that way

Is the USB hub powered?

You could try another power supply if it’s 5V.

Yes, it is a powered USB-hub.
and I did try the power supply of it for the Vero directly, as it also has 5V 2A.

The device may be faulty then.
Please start a support request with your order number so we can look in to it.