Vero 4K doesn't play 4K HDR files anymore and crashes on installed MediaPortal

After updating to the February update I can’t play any 4K HDR movies anymore. They are located on an attached USB drive. In January it still worked perfectly. Now only one or two frames are shows and after a while the player stops all together like to movie is stopped and the KODI menu is shown.

Because I didn’t want to spend to much time in “tinkering” to find out what the problem is, I waited hoping a new monthly firmware update would resolve the problem. Unfortunately even after the April update I still have got the same problem.

Another problem I’ve got is using the PVR frontend Mediaportal. Here the Vero really crashes and reboots… Although I was never able to watch Live TV (not a priority) up until the January update I was still able to play the recorded video files via the TV option but this isn’t the case anymore.
Interesting to know is that when I play a recorded file via the video option (all recordings are stored on my NAS) it works…

Now my question what is the easiest way forward to solve this problem. A complete reset to factory default? (Is that possible at all) and start installing and configuring all over again?
Or are there other options?

Personally I’m a bit disappointed that the Vero 4K needs a lot more tinkering (FStab for example) to work well compared to my previous Intel NUC with LibreElec. Also that I have the above problems which popped up after February… Maybe that I got a bit spoiled with the Intel NUC with LibreElec that it was so stable and required not much tinkering. I found the most impressive feature that an upgrade to a newer LibreElec only required 45 seconds from pressing the okay button, downloading the new OS, installing it and ready for use…

You can reinstall OSMC from Download - OSMC if you want a factory reset.

You should be able to play most files without fstab, but this won’t be the case for some 4K HDR files. I suspect that you haven’t been playing these files on the NUC to see that this would be necessary there too.

If you still encounter problems, it should be possible to get a log via My OSMC which will help us fix your issue.

OSMC takes longer to update because it’s an APT based system. We do however intend to produce a monthly update that usually takes less than a couple of minutes to apply.


Hi Sam thanks for the quick reply. All 4K movies I play directly from an USB attached harddisk in order to prevent possible network capacity issues. So for that fstab is not needed.

I’ll try this weekend a full reinstall.