Vero 4k don't read USB HD Drive


I’m a happy user of Vero 4K since last november.
All worked without problem until june.
I have a problem since last june : my Vero 4K don’t detect or read any of my USB HD drive (with all my movies and pictures).
I tried with a 2Go (WD), 3Go (WD) and after 4Go (Seagate) and it doesn’t work.
Itried to plug directly on the Vero or with my 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub from OSMC : no result.

it’s only read an 500Go HD with my music.

I don’t understand what’s happend

Please do you have some idee regarding this problem ?

Can you post a log?
How is the disk formatted?

Dear Sam

My HD was formatted with win10.

And they works normally with VERO 4K during 6 month. At one moment VERO began to.have some problem with HD. And now it don’t detect them.

Sorry but I have a lot of work during summer and I did’nt remember all the details.

Best regards

Provide logs either via MyOSMC or ssh grab-logs -A