Vero 4k+. Error playing some .mkv's

Im having issues playing some .mkv’s, seemingly random.
Some work fine, others dont (the movie starts but shuts down instantly).
This problem has occured some time the last months, it has been working flawlessly previously.

Here are the logs:

Thankful for any help!

Do you really have these files that don’t play named such as “M8ZiCMaQQ2YRVFHc5v5.mkv” and have made sure that the file exists in the file path listed in the library? If you browse via Kodi’s file manager instead of the library do these files show up. If they show up there do they play from there?

No, thats just some fault in my renaming (they usually play just fine anyways, provided the folder is named right). The files that Im unable to play are named correctly. The files do exist in the file path, playing them from the file manager gives the same error.

I dont know how the logs work, but after enabling the logs and rebooting the first file didnt work, the second played fine, the third didnt work.


Possibly related to issue with smb shares, that came apparent after the june update. Please try this and see if makes any difference please:

Thanks Tom.