Vero 4k fails to start after latest update


I have updated one of my Vero4k’s to the latest update and it fails to start without both the hdmi cable unplugged and usb hub unplugged. Without unplugging both of these the red light stays on .

Once the red light goes off with both hdmi and usb powered
Hub unplugged , i plug them back in and it boots and works peefectly .

Not sure how i can debug this ?

Can you post the output of fw_printenv | paste-log?



Same issue here, no boot while hdmi is connnected.

You have forced 1080p output in your settings. Consider disabling this.


No idea how it got there, but.

sudo fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hz
sudo fw_setenv outputmode 1080p60hz

Solved the issue.

Indeed. I’m still investigating the crash but this will solve your problem for now.