Vero 4K+ first impressions

I received my new 4K+ yesterday, before I go any further let me say a big thank you to all at OSMC for your efforts, I’m sure you’ve all been working overtime this past month to fulfil orders.

I haven’t had time to put my new box fully through its paces but it seems a good incremental improvement over the original Vero 4K.

I must admit after reading of those with network problems on their new Vero’s I was a bit apprehensive that I’d suffer the same fate but so far it seems I’m one of the majority with a fully working unit :slight_smile:
I’ve only set up one hard wired SMB share on it so far which contained what I like to call my “network busters” namely the UHD LG Chess demo (which someone posted here but I have to apologise for not giving them the credit but I’ve forgotten who now) and a UHD remux of John Wick which used to buffer like mad using SMB on the original Vero 4K.
I’m happy to report both have worked perfectly without needing to change any advanced settings or having to setup fstab/auto fs :smiley:

Once all the fanart, icons etc have fully loaded for the first time GUI performance seems a bit snappier with the new faster emmc (although the original Vero 4K was no slouch with my rather large library)

Assuming I do not run into any problems when I start using the 4K+ properly I will have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone I know interested in getting what imho is the best UHD/HDR experience currently on the market.


Thanks for taking the time to post up your experience!

I would also add when I got my original Vero 4K in order to get SMB working I had to change the maximum SMB protocol setting in services to none,
I don’t know if subsequent updates since last December have changed anything but on my new 4K+ leaving it on its standard V3 setting has worked.