Vero 4k freeze after library scan

After media scan the Vero 4k freeze. When the tv was on, there were green screen, and no remote, or ssh reaction.
Here is my log:

You seem to have problems with MySQL; and your library sometimes becomes unavailable. This should be resolved first if possible.

Does it only freeze on Library Scans? Can you reliably reproduce this with a scan every time?

If there’s a bad file, it can sometimes cause Kodi to freeze. The solution is to split the library in to two directories and re-scan. If that succeeds, split the folder with the bad file again in to two folders until you eventually find the problematic file.


I try it, but yesterday update was successful 3 or 4 times. But unfortunetly at night it goes offline again. Maybe it freezee when idle?

I think the connection to your NAS may be dropping