Vero 4k+ Freezes After Being Idle for a Long Time (2019.04-1)

Hi. Has anyone encountered his Vero 4k+ freezing after being Idle overnight? Using the 2019.04-1 update. I’d like to upload logs but this isn’t possible.

Too vague I’m afraid.

Is the device being suspended?
Is the device using a screensaver?

Is the device using the latest version of OSMC?
Are there custom add-ons installed on the device?

How is the network connected?

We ask for logs for a reason; they show us what’s going on. Almost every product on the market has fault codes and diagnostic procedures. We need the OSMC equivalent of that.





I never turn mine off, its into a hdmi switch before the tv so when i turn the tv off it still stays powered on.
the only thing is the standard screensaver that dims the picture.
I am running the most recent version.

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve had the clock as my screensaver but had been getting multiple crashes during the days since updating. I caught an error about it overheating and needed to shutdown. I haven’t logged anything yet, but I recall having similar issues running visualisations during music playback. After about 10 songs it would crash. It could all be visualisation related…? I’m trying the blank screensaver tonight and if it does the same crash, then I’ll log it.

For the record, it didn’t crash (red light) at all through the night.

I had the same issue. (April Update broke)
I fixed it by setting the resolution to 1080p and under “player setting” enabled dynamic resolution changes" or what it was called. Not 100% if this is what fixed it, but give it a try,

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Thanks @bouxer. Did a clean install of OSMC. So far so good.