Vero 4k+ freezes if server turned off

I very rarely turn my PC off (running NFS shares on Win 10) but on occasion it causes the Vero to freeze, the remote doesn’t respond and I have to pull the plug.

The Vero is left on all the time, as is the PC and usually I’ll hit pause and just turn off the TV/AVR and I’ll just hit play when I come back.

However, sometimes the PC gets turned off, rebooted etc, normally I’ll just wait for the PC to come back and then pressing play is fine.

On occasion it causes a complete freeze, or if I happen to press Play having forgotten the PC is turned off.

I’d expect a notice saying the source had gone, or couldn’t connect but it just freezes and never comes back.

Is it a Kodi issue? Or do you want logs for it? It happens quite infrequently and maybe once in a week or two if that so it might take a while to replicate.


Well you could call it a Kodi issue (if you literally consider it nice for just pulling away the carpet underneath the Vero).

While you could try if autofs might be able to solve your issue (not sure as with pause you might not release the mountpoint.

I have had this too, if you wait long enough (several minutes) you will eventually get a message - ‘no route to host’ and then your vero will become responsive again

Ahh cheers, I was far too impatient, it’s quicker to turn it off and back on again than wait for the timeout :smiley:

I’m looking at adding a systemd based watchdog to kill Kodi if it doesn’t receive a heartbeat after some time.

This would be useful for situations like this.


Thanks Sam, that does sound like it’d do the job :slight_smile:

Otherwise very happy :+1:

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