Vero 4k+ freezes on video start (mp4, AVC)


This actually helped. Different MKV that I merged from my mp4 files play fine.
The rotation of the videos is messed up.
Is it possible to rotate mkv ? Right now I have playable files that are not watchable

Mp4 still freezes


That might be useful info for @sam_nazarko


Without a sample and logs, it’s not much use unfortunately.



please tell me the paths and names of the log files you wish

sample file was provides last week.

new one <sample file>
sorry for the speed, slow upload at home

information regarding the sample file
resolution UHD / rotation upright

please come back to me if more sample files are needed

clips with different settings available

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This explains how to obtain the logs of interest.

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did you have the chance to take a look ?


Can you now try this with a Kodi v18 test build? Rotation issues should be solved.



Thanks for the support!

I installed the latest nightly.
Not sure if I did it correctly.
I followed these steps.

Behavior slightly changed. Still freezes



anything new on this topic


You haven’t enabled debug logging so it’s hard to see the issue.
I can see you are using gmc’s repository and running nightly builds. Do you experience this issue with a stable version of OSMC?


I went to nightlies during troubleshooting.
This was the last suggestion.
To update to a v18 test build.

I will enable debug log and provide it again


v18 is stable now; it is best to try that.

Will wait for the debug logs





going back to stable needs to ssh into the box ?

did a quick test with “debug log enbabled”


The log is blank.
I would recommend testing with a stable builld.


can I go back to stable without SSH ?


Sure, use a sdcard or USB drive to reinstall from scratch.


Installed latest official release
Played from SD card
Same behavior

Logs uploaded

Please have a look and come back to me when you have any questions or ideas

Besides the challenges with these files, I like the vero 4k very much! Keep up the great work


any news ?


I will look in to this shortly