Vero 4K+ freezes


I was lazy… now it’s around 6 month that my Vero 4K+ freezes during movies or TV shows play.

I’m up to date and did believe it was due to last Kodi version but I think it may come from the unit itself, picture is stuck with looped sound, I need to unplug the power supply.

Here is a log but without the debug activated:
(not sure if it’s useful but since the issue is quite rare, I mean once a week, I don’t want as a first step to get an always on screen debug window)

What do you think of this log ? Shall I try a full reset of the unit ?


  1. Can you still access the device with SSH in that freeze moment?
  2. Does it happen with specific files (e.g. files with TrueHD Audio)?


Thanks for your feedback.
Yesterday when I got the issue, I was playing “Nobody” (excellent btw) and the audio was in DD+

I’ll try SSH next time… :slight_smile:



I set the standby feature and it works nice… this night the Vero 4K+ got stuck while it did not play nay movie? The SSH is also KO.

What is the next step you think ? :slight_smile:

Well you could try your idea of reinstall

Otherwise persistent logging (see below) might give some more light what is going on

Unfortunately we need kernel messages from previous boots which are disabled by default with OSMC. To activate and provide such information, please, follow the steps below:

  1. login via SSH to the OSMC device, user osmc, password osmc
  2. cd /var/log
  3. sudo journalctl --rotate
  4. sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1s
  5. sudo mkdir journal
  6. (from now, kernel messages are written to new directories for every boot)
  7. sudo shutdown -r now
  8. now wait for the issue/event which is the problem of this topic
  9. once it happens again and you are forced to reboot the OSMC device or it rebooted automatically, you’ve to identify the right kernel message log:
    9.a) login via SSH and invoke
    sudo journalctl --list-boots --no-pager
    9.b) the lines start with an index id like 0, -1, -2, etc. and contain the date and time when log was started
  10. also, upload the appropriate full log using
    sudo journalctl -o short-full -b <identified index> --no-pager|paste-log
    (replace <identified index> with the real index id, see above)
  11. provide the returned URLs here
  12. don’t forget to remove the created journal directory otherwise your system’s root file system gets filled
    12.a) login via SSH
    12.b )cd /var/log
    12.c) sudo rm -R -f journal && sudo reboot (repeat this line if you get a ‘cannot remove’ error until it works and your ssh connection gets lost by the reboot)

Thx for your time. We hope to help you, soon.

Thank you fzinken, it’s correctly set, hope to be back soon ! :smiley:

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Hopefully not and you don’t see freezes :slight_smile:

Hello Sam, Fzinken,

Unfortunately (well we are debugging and that’s cool) I got the issue during the standby mode:

What do you think bosses ? :slight_smile:

May you please summarize the issue you got?
From what I see from the logs you still were able to login via SSH, or not?
Otherwise please detailed what you experienced and also at which times.

Argh it’s on me… Yesterday I came back from 3 days trip and the standby mode was active since the red light was on, I used the remote to wake up the Vero but it did not work… I assumed it was stuck but did not try the SSH ! Hence that’s style an issue right ?

The usual problem I got was during movies where it freezes completely; I will set the journal again and wait for the movie freeze before sending the new log.


Ok, but here is the confusion in the logs there is no reboot visibility between 2022-01-07 and Thu 2022-01-13 08:19:14 when you logged in via SSH. So what you are saying is you unplugged and replugged the Vero in that timeframe?

EDIT: Just checked again and there seems to be a gap which could be indicate the reboot but it then started logging quite late in the boot process.

Fri 2022-01-07 20:10:24 CET osmc kernel: hdmitx: system: PHY Setting Done
Wed 2022-01-12 20:21:13 CET osmc http-time[2395]: Updated time from Fri Jan  7 19:10:25 UTC 2022 to Wed Jan 12 19:21:13 UTC 2022 using HTTP query to

Yes On Jan 12th I unplugged the power supply, so far there is no clue on why the Vero 4k did not answer the remote control ?

Not really as there is such a big gap in your logs