Vero 4K Fstab NFS SQL shared DB


i had some stutter on 4K content, until i changed to mount with fstab.
i just want to know if i done it the right way.
As i’m using SQL DB, to share watch status across my devices as i have 2 vero 4K, i need to use path substitution right ?
right now i’m using :


Is that the correct way to do this, if i still want to share my watched status, or will it work if i’m using the mnt paths ? i cant figure out how to verify if the path substitution is working or not?

I doubt you need path substitution as long as your media is mounted at /mnt/FSTAB_NFS_Movies on both your Veros

As long as you are using the same path on all devices you do not need path substitution.

Both Veros must have the same fstab entries f.i. /mnt/FSTAB_NFS_Movies nfs x-systemd.automount,noauto,user,rw 0 0 

As long as the path to the movies in your SQL DB is “/mnt/FSTAB_NFS_Movies” you are fine on both devices.

Both Veros “think” the movies are on “/mnt/FSTAB_NFS_Movies” and save the watched states in the database. When the next device comes along it just reads the watched state from the database and continues.

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Great, they are mapped like this on both devices, should i change it to your command instead ? /mnt/FSTAB_NFS_Movies nfs x-systemd.automount,noauto,ro

Also how do i unmount a mount path again, without delete all content inside the folder ?

You won’t delete content by unmounting. Especially not if you have mounted ro. Why would you want to unmount? Mounting is just the way the vero talks to your server.

I made a test mount, and i want that folder deleted again… i see now that the test folder i made, is now empty… so just need to remove it…

If you rmdir, it won’t let you delete what’s inside it if there is anything.

ie sudo umount /mnt/mountpoint
sudo rmdir /mnt/mountpoint

Thanks :slight_smile:

You do need path substitution if you want to keep all the old data about the movies.

If you have to do a Kodi re-scan for the movies, then you will lose a lot of data that is tied to the path.

That’s right. Somehow I thought he already has the mount-path in the database.

I personally would rescan before using substitution, but that’s just me.

Yeah i found out too late, so all my watched status from the old path are unfortunately gone

Sorry for leading you on the wrong track :frowning:

So is any local artwork that wasn’t named according to the Kodi convention.

This also means that anything listed under “Extended Movie Artwork” ( is also lost, since those aren’t automatically downloaded by scrapers.