Vero 4k - General performance

Hi, I’m looking at buying the Vero 4k but wondered what it’s general performance is like - eg switching between menus, scanning for new material, etc. The reason I ask is I have an (older) i3 NUC running Openelec and it’s extremely snappy regardless of what it’s doing whereas my daughter has OSMC on a raspberry Pi 3 which is noticeably slower on certain tasks. How does the Vero compare?

I switched from i5-NUC with libreelec to the Vero 4K (because of 4K playback) and the performance is great for such a little device. Booting is slower though, but as you don’t need to shutdown the Vero with it’s little power needs, that’s not a problem for me.
As I am using the Rapier skin, which is rather performance-hungry, I had to tweak a few settings for it to perform faster (it’s not as snapy as on the NUC), but most simple skins are really fast.

Thanks for that Marc, order going in!

Hi Marc, which settings did you change to make Rapier skin faster?

I switched from my Wintel i5 / RPi3 combo to Vero 4K+ and see no issues with performance. I run the heavy ass Titan MOD skin and it’s perfectly fine. My i5 zipped through that - the Vero 4K+ is a tad less zippy for sure but still v good.

RPi3 in contrast runs like a dog with the Titan skin :frowning:

The Vero is the best of both worlds.

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Hey Fisherman,
you need to disable all views that you don’t use.
It’s described in the readme of the skin.
Just check the skin authors website.

Okay. Thanks. I find that nowadays the Rapier skin is lagging quite a bit when e.g. clicking on movies and waiting for the list of movies to appear or when accessing Cinemavision. I hope this will be improved when disabling some of the views.