Vero 4k+ hangs, picture gets blue lines

HI All,

I have two OSMC boxes and one of them is acting up. Usually once a day I have to power off/on to get it back on line. It doesn’t respond to either the remote or ssh. I turned on debugging yesterday and experienced two issues.

First, while scrolling through TVShows with the remote, the screen froze and blue lines started to appear through the screen and continued to expand. I couldn’t ssh in and the Vero had to be rebooted.

The log is:

Second, after a reboot, I started watching a video and it froze and the audio was a bit like a stuck record (dating myself). The logs from that are:

The box has not hung since last night, but I’m stilling running it in debug to see if I can capture that.

Any help identifying what the root cause is would be appreciated. The box is about 3 months old.


I see 2 things right away in your logs.

You need to set the Kodi GUI to 1080, not 2160. Then change

Adjust Refresh Rate to On Stop/Start

and see of the problem still happens.

Swap the power supply from the good, working box with the problematic one.

Would you explain why that is please? It’s a 4k TV, Receiver and a Vero 4k+ - why can’t I send 2160? Does that mean all the 4k fanart would also show as 1080P?

I will change the Refresh Rate tonight and then wait a day or two to see if these two things resolve it, before I try the power supplies.

Thanks for the assistance guys.

Because there is no skin that’s actually coded for 2160 yet, and Kodi is not capable of showing fanart that way either. You are best to keep the GUI at 1080 and let the TV do the upscale.

Last night had the hanging, blue lines etc.
This morning I switched the power supplies between the good and problem Vero and within an hour, the problem one was hung again and needed rebooting. I had debugging on, so with hope I captured something.

This is the log:


Have you tried reinstalling OSMC?

No, but I will do that right now.

Re-installed from installer :

osmc@MusicRoom:~$ grep VERSION_ID /etc/os-release

Just have the sources and advanced settings to copy over form the other OSMC

Did you see the installer come up on the device?


The DOS like screen? Yes, I installed 5-1, went to updates, it said there were 47 or something then proceeded to install them. The box is still alive this morning.

Well it has been running for 5 days on the OSMC skin without hanging. I have not been watching it, just using it to play music as a headless unit. I will be watching this week.

That’s great.