Vero 4k HDMI cable length

I just ordered my Vero 4k (and it will be my first expierience with osmc - running libreelec atm) in i have a very simple question: how long is the HDMI cable?
It would be a shame if the cable is too short for my setup and i had to order a longer one - and wait again =)



The included cable is 1M. It’s a starter cable for common setups.

If you let me know your order # however, I can instruct the packaging team to change this to our 2M HDMI cable:

This may delay the dispatch of your product slightly at this time of the year.


that would be awesome! should i post the order here?

You can just put the order # here
It’s not sensitive


edit: oh, wait. it’s HDMI 1.4?
shouldn’t i get HDMI 2.x cable for all the 4k hdr stuff?


A HDMI 2 cable isn’t an actual class of cable - it’s just marketing nonsense as any cable sold as “HDMI 2.0” is just a high-speed cable, as used for HDMI 1.x, in a different box.

(Cables aren’t classified by numbers in the same way as HDMI ports are)

okay, let me try again:
will this one 2M HDMI cable - OSMC suffice to play all that new 4k material?

Well it will even be suffice to play the old 4k material :wink:

It will do the job just fine.

Let me know your order # so I can add this to your order notes.