Vero 4K+ is always shut off after period idle

Ever since I hooked up the device. Every time I turn my tv to the input there isn’t anything there. I’m forced to get up and pull the power for the Vero and start it again.

I haven’t really noticed any shutdowns while it’s in use.

My plan is to turn on debug mode when i’m finished using it and hopefully what has caused the crash will be in the log when I reboot the device. Just checking first to see that that is the correct plan?

Are you sure it has actually crashed and not just in sleep mode. Are you trying to press buttons on the remote to wake it up before pulling the power plug?

When this happens:

  • Do you see a red light on the front of the device?
  • How long have you had the unit for? It would be good to know to see if things have deteriorated or if you’ve always had a problem

In the interim, can you go to Settings -> Display and enable HPD Lock and reboot.