Vero 4K+ keeps changing TV hdmi source

I’ve been using the 4K+ for a few months now, and it’s been working perfectly except for one thing that’s annoying me; when I start up my TV to watch some regular TV channels, it keeps switching back the input source to the vero hdmi input. This only happens when the TV boots up when it was previously shutdown on that vero hdmi input source. Not when it was shut down while the input was set to the regular TV source.

My setup:

  • LG C7 tv
  • Soundset is connected to my TV through HDMI (it supports 4K HDR passthrough)
  • Vero 4K+ is connected directly to my soundset, to get the benefit of HD sound
  • Vero 4k+ is controlled with the TV remote (Lg magic remote) through hdmi CEC

So every time I boot up the TV to watch some regular TV, while it has previously been set to the vero input, it keeps changing back to that vero input for like 1-2 minutes if I switch to the regular TV input.

These are my CEC settings on the Vero:

Also, when I turn on the TV and it keeps changing back to the vero input, my screensaver is visible. Does the Vero even turn off when I turn off the TV? And how can I prevent the Vero constantly switching inputs on the TV if I want to switch to another TV input?

My TV has a setting ‘Power on Preference’ which can be set to ‘AV’ or ‘TV’.